About Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga also known as Anti-gravity Yoga, is a fusion of traditional yoga, pilates, suspension fitness and aerial arts. This comprehensive fitness technique is designed to increase one’s overall health, strength and physical agility while having fun and flying free.

Each class you provide will allow students to explore themselves in a way that feels light, magical and exciting. During the class the student's will almost forget that they are, strengthening, toning, opening, decompressing, releasing, healing, rejuvenating and restoring their entire being.

The beauty of the fabric is that it acts as your own personal training partner, the hammock is able to support half your body weight (making it 50% easier than normal yoga) allowing you and your student's to build up strength and endurance. As ones fitness levels increase, the amount of help needed from the hammock decreases.

Aerial Yoga supports you while you are becoming your best! It is no wonder that this style of yoga is being embraced by professional athletes and stars such as Pink, Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Britney Spears, the Australian Olympic swim team, the Brisbane football club, and many more have embraced the endless benefits of aerial yoga.