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Who We Are

The Aerial Yoga Academy is the only online Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Academy in the world.

There is no competition!

We are a reputable, recognized and registered international training school with World Yoga Alliance. We provide students with the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga course available in the market today.

Our 250hr international certification allows students to teach anywhere in the world upon completion of the course.

Master Yoga Teacher and course creator – Monique – is one of the first teachers in the world to learn Aerial Yoga directly under the maker of this style, Christopher Harrison.

After completing this world renowned Anti-gravity training on-site, Master Monique quickly realized that the material, content, and Aerial moves provided were extremely limited with zero reference to traditional Yogic techniques, philosophy or practices.

In a nut-shell, the anti-gravity training lacked the scope and depth that should be a necessity when offering an Aerial Yoga course.


Aerial Yoga also known as Anti-gravity Yoga, is a fusion of traditional yoga, pilates, suspension fitness and aerial arts. This comprehensive fitness technique is designed to increase one’s overall health, strength and physical agility while having fun and flying free.

Each class you provide will allow students to explore themselves in a way that feels light, magical and exciting. During the class the student’s will almost forget that they are, strengthening, toning, opening, decompressing, releasing, healing, rejuvenating and restoring their entire being.

The beauty of the fabric is that it acts as your own personal training partner, the hammock is able to support half your body weight (making it 50% easier than normal yoga) allowing you and your student’s to build up strength and endurance. As ones fitness levels increase, the amount of help needed from the hammock decreases.

Aerial Yoga supports you while you are becoming your best! It is no wonder that this style of yoga is being embraced by professional athletes and stars such as Pink, Mariah Carey, Gwyneth Paltrow, 50 cents, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mick Jagger the Australian Olympic swim team, Football clubs, Martial artists, the US Army (as a recovery module) and many more have embraced the endless benefits of Aerial Yoga.


Here’s the truth about back and neck pain: there are dozens of things that can cause pain but the physical reality is almost always the same. There is some form of compression, a squishing of the vertebrae into one another or a pinching of the nerve.

Due to this being the core reason, and everything else is a symptom of it, you can massage, sauna, and medicate yourself but this is only masking the problem rather then treating the cause of your pain.

The gravitational pull of the earth drains the lubrication fluid around the spine bringing your vertebrates closer together. This is one of the main causes of a bulging disk and other back and neck pain related ailments.

When one stretches and inverts it decompresses the spine and re-lubricates your spinal fluid, preventing you from shrinking and therefore preventing unnecessary back and neck conditions.

What can interfere with a healthy spine are such things as sitting all day in an office or car, exercising without stretching, only rotating the spine 20% of its full potential, years of poor posture, carrying heavy objects and wearing unsupportive footwear.

Physiotherapist LJ Nosse did a study titled ‘Inverted Spinal Traction’ published in Arch Phys. Medical Rehab 59: 367-370, Aug 78. The study confirmed that inverting and decompression of the spine decreases muscle tension by over 35% within the first 10 seconds!


The circulatory system is comprised of the heart, lungs and the entire system of vessels that feed oxygen and collect carbon dioxide and other waste products from the cells. Arteries fan out in an intricate tributary system from the heart, which pumps freshly oxygenated blood from the lungs outward. Veins return blood to the heart and, unlike arteries, make up a low-pressure system that depends on muscular movement or gravity to move blood along. One-way valves at regular intervals prevent backwash and keep fluids moving towards the heart in a system known as venous return. Turning yourself upside down encourages venous return. Inversions also ensure healthier and more effective lung tissue. When standing or sitting upright, gravity pulls our fluids earthward, and blood "perfuses" or saturates the lower lungs more thoroughly. The lower lung tissue is thus more compressed than the upper lungs. As a result, the air we inhale moves naturally into the open alveoli of the upper lungs. Unless we take a good, deep breath, we do not raise the ratio of air to blood in the lower lungs. When we invert, blood perfuses the well-ventilated upper lobes of the lungs, thus ensuring more efficient oxygen-to-blood exchange and healthier lung tissue.


Inverting upside down can actually make you feel better; those suffering from anxiety, depression, irritation, insomnia, mood swings and trauma are relieved by neurotransmitters being released from the brain, such as serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin!


Inversions also help to decrease insomnia. When one inverts muscle tension is decreased by 35%. When our muscles are relaxed so is our minds and body.


Inverting will also help reverse the aging process by not only dramatically delaying the sagging skin process and toning the muscles around your face and body but also preventing you from shrinking as you mature. Fresh blood and oxygen is also circulated around the face and body this enhances our natural glow and improves any skin conditions such as acne.


The changes in the gravitational pull on the body also affects the abdominal organs. When inverted the bowels move more freely and constipation is relieved. The pull of gravity on the organs, especially the intestines, creates weight on the abdominal organs and on the diaphragm, this encourages deep breathing, which gently massages the internal organs thus encouraging elimination.


The lymphatic system is responsible for waste removal, fluid balance, and immune system response. Lymph vessels arise among the capillary beds of the circulatory system, but comprise a separate system that transports stray proteins, waste materials, and extra fluids, filtering the fluid back through the lymph nodes and dumping what remains into the circulatory system at the subclavian veins, under the collarbones. The lymphatic system is analogous to a sewage system; an intricate, underground network. Lymph, like the blood returning to your heart via the veins, is dependent upon muscular movement and gravity to facilitate its return. Because the lymphatic system is a closed pressure system and has one-way valves that keep lymph moving towards the heart, when one turns upside down, the entire lymphatic system is stimulated, thus strengthening your immune system.


Inversions increase the blood flow to the brain, giving it more oxygen and nutrients and making the brain function faster and better. This improves concentration, memory, observation and boosts clarity of thought. According to Dr. Robert Martin, author of ‘The Gravity Guiding System, Turning the Aging Process Upside Down,’ the brain operates 14% more accurately when the brain is inverted, Inversion also helps move the stagnant blood in the body because you are standing against gravity when you are inverting. It forces the blood to move in a way which it would not do so when standing in a straight position. Inverting also gives the heart a break. The heart works persistently to ensure that freshly oxygenated blood makes its way up to the brain and its sensory organs. When inverting, the pressure differential across the body is reversed, and blood floods to the brain with little work from the heart.


There are several endocrine organs or ductless glands in the human system, which bathe in blood, absorb the nutrients from the blood and secrete hormones for the proper functioning of a balanced and well-developed body and brain. If the glands fail to function properly, the hormones are not produced as they should be and the body starts to deteriorate. The ample supply of blood when inverted increases their efficiency in maintaining the body and brain synergy Further, the venous blood flows to the heart by force of gravity, without any strain. Healthy blood is allowed to circulate around the neck and chest thus improving our endocrine function.


The lymphatic system clears toxins from the tissues and plays a vital role in the immune system. Inversions circulate lymphatic fluid, helping to drain toxins from the extremities and move them towards the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the lymphatic fluid that is moving towards the heart. Inversions promote more rapid circulation of the lymph through the nodes, the rate of blood purification and detoxification increases, helping to revitalize and maintain general health and wellbeing.

What Aerial Yoga Academy Graduates Are Saying!

“I have just completed my 250 hour aerial yoga training that I started in 2017 as a home study package. The information I received was very informative, detailed and Monique was always on hand to support when needed. I will now continue my journey into aerial yoga at Pole Athletes. Thank you very much Monique..namaste”

Lynda Barksby- Derbyshire, UK

“I absolutely can recommend this course! I got all important informations I needed and so much more! Monique is great and always there when you have a question or need some help. This course does not only helped me to became a good teacher, it also helped me to work on my balance and own training. A big advantage is, that you can learn at your own speed - so you can deal with the intensive content and detailes. Thanks Monique”

Sonja Grobmann- Belguim

“I finished the Aerial Yoga Academy course in September. It was the best thing I have ever done. The course was easy to follow. The manual very professional. Monique is so caring helping me every step of the way. I have already started teaching and have 5 classes per week booked out. Monique always finds the time to help me and answer my questions about the class or the sequence. I am so glad I made this decision. I am very happy person now and I am forever thankful. Thank you Monique.”

Goda Kinderiene - Lithuania

“This is a very, very good course. I can't compare this with my weekend onsite course, where I became an aerial yoga teacher. I don't want eat, I don't want sleep, I just want to read your course material. I am comparing poses, making a lot of remarks. I found that a lot of poses in my Lithuanian training is only for beginner's level. I am full of ideas on how to update my lessons. I am so happy and joyfully, that I found You. Thank you so much.”

Joana - South Africa

“The Aerial Yoga Academy program is packed full of all of the information you will need to become a well informed teacher, or developed practitioner. Monique adds a personal dedication with her availability and commitment to her students journey. The knowledge of the practice that she has accumulated is extensive! She will guide you through this deeply involved art, so that you can be not only be a technically sound teacher, but an empathetic and intuitive one as well. I found the online experience flexible and excess-able!!”

Emmi Chapdelaine- Vermont

“I can really recommend the online course. It was easy to follow and a lot of information. If I had any questions Monique took the time to answer them. I have been to many courses and this is one of the best.”

Linda Tiensivu‎ - Arsunda

“I have taken this class to expand my knowledge in yoga and aerial arts. I absolutely love it! The videos and manuals walk you through step by step and do not leave me questioning if I am doing something wrong. It is like Monique is right there teaching you! Thanks for the experience I look forward to continuing this practice and sharing this love of yoga.”

Emily Ann - Ohio

“I had a great time following the teacher training course at Aerial Yoga Academy. Videos are very practical and easy to follow. You can look into details and get thorough instructions. Monique provides all the support you need. I recommend this course to everybody who wants to learn this wonderful type of yoga!”

Zsuzsanna Tóth - Hungary

“If you're looking at this and asking yourself if this is right for you then let me be the first to tell you IT IS!! I did my aerial Yoga teacher training with Monique and it was one of the best decisions ever! Monique makes the learning process so easy to understand and is always there to lend a helping hand whenever you have any questions at all. I went on to open an Aerial Yoga studio inside of my Nutrition Club and we are overwhelmed with people wanting to do our classes! I'm so grateful that I took this leap of faith and decided to become a Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher with the the Aerial Yoga Academy. Monique, thank you for helping me achieve my dreams. I am forever grateful!”

Ashlea McQuillen - Missouri

“Hi everyone! I did my Aerial Yoga teacher training with Monique @aerialyogacademy and it was one of my best decisions ever. It's an accessible and comprehensive course with clear and easy to follow manual and videos, that allow you to learn at your own pace no matter where you are in the world. But most of all, you can count on an awesome and inspiring teacher that will be there for you every step of the way. Now I'm teaching @StudioFlyPorto, sharing this dream, making lots of friends and improving every day. Thank you with all my heart Monique, my teacher and friend, for making this dream come true! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Lots of love and happy flights.”

Cláudia - Portugal

“Monique truly bestows love, light and fight through the Aerial Yoga Academy's teacher training course. A comprehensive, easy to follow course packed with all the essential information on aerial yoga and loads of support whenever you need it with the convenience and cost effectiveness of online delivery. Thank you beautiful soul for helping me achieve a dream xoxox”

Jennie Fewson - Australia

“Thanks Monique for supporting me in an inspirational journey of growth and internal enlightenment. Your online aerial course has deepened my personal practice and has given me the skills and confidence to teach a well sequenced, inspirational and fun aerial class. I now share what I call "angel wings of flight" with beautiful spirits at my studio. You are a truly amazing teacher, mentor and friend and you support your students with passion and unconditional love and encouragement. Your course was focused and thorough, the instructional videos have meticulous directives and asana information and the extensive manual material was concise and instructive, all aspects were co ordinated with insightful love and care. A journey of fun and expansion, love and light. Prem Shanti OM”

Kathy Parker - Australia

“I realized that next week marks one year since I reached out and started the process to become certified with you--it's been an amazing year and I wanted to say thank you. My little studio is growing, and as of last night some of us with health/wellness/fitness businesses in my area formed a group to support each other and co-op on advertising and events, which is so exciting! I still am amazed at how much aerial has helped me feel better, and how yoga in general has made my life more peaceful. Right now I'm teaching Aerial and have 3 other instructors who teach Hatha, Restorative, and Vinyasa classes. I'm also interested in becoming an aerial teacher training studio. I live in a resort area and think I could make it a retreat-style training with affordable lodging that includes passes to our local fitness and aquatic centre, hiking, etc. Again, thank you so much and I look forward to working with you!”

Heidi Drake Downward Dog Yoga & Wellness Studio - USA

“Even though I was certified by my former studio, I never felt like it was a comprehensive training. I've read a lot, studied videos, visited and taken classes at other studios to gain a better understanding of what I'm doing and how I'm teaching. My former studio closed after 6 months of operation so listing them as the place where I was certified made me uncomfortable. I am so delighted to have passed your program and even though I've been teaching for three years, feel much more confident in what I'm doing! I absolutely love your aerial workouts and being able to share the experience with my students. I love to challenge them and watch them grow! Thank you so much again!”

Lynne Warren - USA

“I am very pleased with the training and support I received through Master Monique and the Aerial Yoga Academy. Thanks to this training, I have been able to open five aerial yoga classes that are quickly filling up. My students and I are having a blast “flying”, and our we are noticing a difference in what we can do in mat yoga as a result. The pose break down videos are informative and easy to follow. The written material created was accessible and straightforward. The exam questions were impressive. Master Monique’s questions are geared to make sure we have an understanding of how to best take care of our students, not to just write down a bunch of facts. Having attended many trainings over my ten years as an instructor, I was a little hesitant about an online yoga course. I have and will continue to confidently recommend the Aerial Yoga Academy’s training. Master Monique was and continues to be an active supporter even after training, assisting with supplying and the set up of the hammocks in my classes. Thank you Master Monique for teaching me the skills to share aerial yoga and help others to "fly".”

Sonya Cousino‎- Georgia - USA

“I cannot begin to explain the Gratitude I have for Monique and the program that she has created. She has made it so convenient for people with busy lives to do something they're so passionate in while making it possible to work on personal development. Through the aerial yoga Academy I was able to obtain a certificate making me confident enough to instruct a class with silks. Monique is very knowledgeable and will answer any question you have in a timely matter. Not only is she always willing to answer questions for you over email, but if you ever needed to talk over the phone she is willing to do that as well. I feel by doing this program you get more out of it than you would by going to a few weekend workshops and stressing about a huge exam. You are required to do practice hours and an online exam as well as a video however, you take these at your own pace; relieving some of that stress and test anxiety. Monique offers constructive feedback and is always willing to help us become great aerial instructors. Aerial yoga Academy is great for anyone! Cheers to flying! Your's truly.”

Kayla - North Dakota, USA

“I am so grateful you offer this training on-line. As a busy mom, who runs a drafting design business, as well as a dance, fitness, and yoga studio, I've somehow become addicted to your training program. Every time I walk past my silk, I can't resist doing a few asanas. Very addicting. So fun. So youthful and inspiring. I truly love it. I love your accent, also! I am currently a certified dance and fitness instructor, there are many areas of knowledge that cross over, and have proven applicable in many areas of my training. I cannot wait to introduce silks to the studio, I have been having a blast. I think I'm addicted!! All I want to do is hang around all day. I think I'm going to get my friends hooked on it, too. Monique! I can't tell you how much I am thoroughly enjoying the course!! I have people lining up to try the classes. My journey so far as an instructor have been greatly rewarding. Every time I think it possibly couldn’t get any better, it does!! I am so happy to have found the Aerial Yoga Academy, and my adventure is only beginning.”

Crystal Weran - Canada



Master Monique is a advanced yoga teacher and Holistic specialist who is registered and certified in Australia and internationally at the highest level. She has been teaching for over 15 years and has completed over 1,000 hours of training. Her experience includes teaching over 5,000 classes and students across five countries ranging from England to India to Asia. Monique is currently registered with Yoga Australia as a senior/advanced yoga teacher and with World Yoga Alliance as a 500hr registered Yoga Teacher. She is also a member of the International Holistic Institute, Global Academy for Energetical Education and the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies.


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Anti-gravity Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Antenatal Yoga
  • Womens Yoga
  • Trauma sensitive Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Partners Yoga
  • Hawaiian Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Reiki Healing
  • Metaphysical Holistic Healing
  • Aura balancing/Clearing
  • Auric clairvoyant
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Remedial Massage

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Frequently Asked Questioned

How do you compare your 250hr online program versus a 25hr to 50hr onsite program available with other companies?

After completion of any yoga course whether it is a 25hr or 250hr you can teach yoga but you will not be qualified to register with any Yoga Alliance if it is under 200hrs.

Our course is the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga course on the market, do not let the online status deter its value. The online structure allows you to have the necessary time needed to absorb the moves and information provided. Rather than being bombarded with so much information during a compacted onsite weekend course that is overloaded with students and information.

Our training allows the brain to retain, absorb and integrate It is a scientific know fact through extensive research that explains the human brain can only take in up to 45 minutes of information before it starts decreasing its capacity to absorb anything. However, it is not just the act of taking frequent breaks that is important.

It is also about shifting your attention and giving your brain a true rest from what it was previously focusing on. This means doing something that engages the brain in a completely different way or subject.

What is Yoga Alliance? Do I need to have it?

Yoga Alliance is a group of individuals who have created a board of members whose responsibility is to maintain a high level of teachers and courses available. They all agree that 200hrs is the minimum to become a registered yoga teacher by their standards.

The more training you do (in the same style of yoga or in another various style of yoga) the more hours are accumulated and added to your current registered status. As you further your studies you can apply for a more higher ranking in your alliance teacher profile/ status. Here is just a example: 200hr Yoga teacher, 500hr Advanced yoga teacher and so forth.

So why are you a registered school with World Yoga Alliance and not Yoga Alliance, I'm confused, what's the difference?

World Yoga Alliance is the original/first Yoga Alliance. Created in India, whose board of members are some of the most educated international yogis. It has not had alot of marketing and money injected into making it a household name. However it has upheld the grass roots integrity of Yoga. Due to this reason it is not as well know as the USA version, Yoga Alliance. This does not mean it is not reputable, actually it is contrary to this..

Yoga Alliance originated in USA and is one of the most acknowledged Yoga Alliances. It is quiet segmented to the USA and has had quiet alot of marketing behind its name due to huge financial backing. This does not mean it is more reputable.

You can just type in Yoga Alliances in google search to find many Yoga Alliances organizations the above are just two of hundreds available.

When I complete my training with the Aerial Yoga Academy can I teach any style of yoga?

Every genre of yoga is considered independent of each other. One must enrol and pass a teacher training in that genre to be considered a qualified yoga teacher. If you train to be a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, then you can teach Vinyasa Yoga, if you train to be a Hatha Yoga Teacher then you can teach Hatha Yoga. So you cant train in Aerial Yoga and be saya Yin Yoga Teacher.

Yoga Alliances call for training is a standard vision for every single organisation.

Is there room to spread my wings after I graduate from the Aerial Yoga Academy Training Online?

YES! Graduates who have excelled in the Aerial Yoga Academy Training now have the opportunity to run their own Aerial Yoga Training (in association with us) at their own studio and within their own country. For more information email us.

Is Aerial Yoga harder than floor Yoga?

NO WAY! Aerial yoga is actually much easier than floor yoga, it just looks fancy. The hammock supports you whilst you build up strength. It also helps assist you in balancing poses. Think of it as your own personal yoga teacher!

I have never done yoga, so does that mean there is no way I can do the Aerial Yoga Training?

Aerial yoga is actually better for newbie yogis. As i mentioned above the hammock supports you 100% through each pose. It gently guides you through correcting alignment and supporting your body weight whilst you are building up strength. It also gives you a silk hand to hold through balancing poses.

How can Aerial Yoga be safe to teach online?

1st, The hammock material is made to hold 500kg. Each carabiners and daisy chain, 200kg. When one sets up a yoga studio then the points in the roof are done by a professional, as instructed in the manual!

2nd, Only 10% of the class is spent inverting. When you do invert you are only 1/2 meter off the floor. Clear instructions via the manual and video’s demonstrations clearly indicate the step by step process of each pose. The fabric is wrapped around you in a certain way that if you tried really hard to slip, you probably couldn’t!

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a hybrid form of yoga that combines yoga, pilates and aerial arts.

Do I need previous yoga experience?

No previous yoga experience is necessary to enjoy Aerial yoga. In fact this form of yoga can be easier than normal yoga when used correctly. To explain this further, the hammock is responsible for taking half of your body weight. This allows many students to try more challenging poses such as inversions whilst they are building strength.

Can everybody do Aerial Yoga?

Yes and no, people who suffer the following conditions are not suitable to participate in an Aerial Yoga Academy Teacher Training. If you have had recent surgery, glaucoma, if you are pregnant, if you have high or low blood pressure, nurse a current injury or if you suffer a heart condition.

How often should a student come to my class?

To really reap the full benefits and feel a dramatic change in your well being, it is recommended that they attend a minimum of three classes a week.

What should students wear?

Ask students to remove all jewellery before participating to avoid snagging the fabric. A t-shirt must be worn to cover the armpit area to avoid excess sweating into the fabric and avoid the fabric rubbing on the skin. It is advised to wear leggings at least 3/4 long to avoid rubbing behind the knees and allow for easy movement within the hammock. We also advise students to have clean feet or alternatively ask them to bring a pair of socks.

How old must I be to be eligible to do the course?

You must be at least 15 years of age to do this course.

What is the exam about?

The first part consists of answering 20 questions, it is an open book exam and you may take as long as you need, when you are finished just email me back the answers to your questions. Second part consists of a 30 min. video. This can be filmed to a pretend class or with one – two students.

What are the requirements to pass the exam?

All 20 questions must be answered correctly and 85% of the practicum points we look for must be included in the presentation.

Tell me more about the practicum exam and how to film it?

The practicum exam should be of you teaching Aerial Yoga to at least one other person, if this is not possible then just pretend you are teaching and giving instruction to a class. Your full body needs to be in frame so we can asses if you are using the correct grips and transitions from pose to pose.

What if I don't have a studio to film myself for the exam?

Look for monkey bars, swing sets (at your local park) just make sure to wrap the swings up before using.

What things should I include in the 30-minute presentation?

You must have the following:

1. A short introduction (mention contraindications)
2. Demonstrate the two recovery poses
3. A 2-minute meditation/breathing
4. At least two poses from each section that flow well together (In the inversions section one of the poses must be frog)
5. A 2-minute ending meditation

What do I get points for in the presentation?

Be sure to include all of the above poses in the exam, speak clearly, be audible, use cues from the front of the class, mention a few benefits and a few muscles of each pose being used.

What if I fail the exam, then what?

You can try as many times as you need for free! 90% of students pass the exam the first time of trying.

We want you to succeed!

How long does it take to find out if I have passed or not?

You will be notified via email within one month of us receiving your submission.

How long after I pass can I begin teaching Aerial yoga?

As soon as you receive your certificate of completion in the mail you can start teaching private sessions, at gyms, at yoga studios, in halls, in schools, or open up your own Aerial yoga studio.

How long does it take to get the certificate after passing the online exam?

When you have passed your online exam you must keep a log book of how many contact hours you have had teaching students Aerial Yoga. This means under our requirements you must teach 50 hours of Aerial yoga to anyone who wants to learn. The purpose of the log book is to help all new students gain confidence and experience. The log book does not have to be submitted after the 50 hours is completed. Your Aerial Yoga certificate will be sent to you once we are notified the hours have been accomplished.

NOTE – You can be exempt from the 50 hour log book for two reasons.
1. You have submitted a outstanding video presentation that exceeds and excels in all areas.
2. You have had previous yoga teacher training in any style.

Can I get insurance cover with this online course?

The answer is yes! We use a company called Insurance House – we find they are familiar with Aerial yoga practitioners and their prices are competitive.

How much do I charge for my classes?

This depends on classes sizes, where you are in the world and many other contributing factors. We suggest you look at what others are charging in your country and determine your price structure from there.

How far will the certificate take me?

After you have completed and passed the Aerial Yoga Academy Teacher Training you will be a fully recognized yoga teacher. This will allow you to teach anywhere in the world that is looking to facilitate the Aerial yoga style.

Such places may include gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, personal training or even opening up your own Aerial yoga studio!

Do you have to be fit to be an Aerial yoga teacher?

Being fit does help in any area of life. If you feel you are unfit or unable to be the person you want to be this is the perfect opportunity to step forward towards better health, increased well-being and greater confidence whilst inspiring other students to do the same. There is nothing more powerful than a walking testimonial to the sincere benefits of this amazing yoga style.

How long do I have access to the Aerial Yoga Academy training?

Access is available one year from the date of registration. That being said, most of the content is downloadable and a free extention is available upon request.

Is there room to grow after I graduate from the course?

Yes indeed, we offer exceptional graduates the opportunity to be a associated onsite teacher trainer at their studio. More information on this can be sent upon request.

Can I do the course if my english is not very good?

Yes. We have many students all over the world do this course who speak very little english. The course is so easy to follow making it accessible to students all over the world.

The video exam can also be filmed in your native tongue.

I have done another Aerial Yoga course will I learn anything from this course?

Yes, we have many students who are already trained in Aerial Yoga do our course with outstanding feedback. If you are looking at expanding your moves menu whilst deepening your knowledge on the techniques, benefits and Aerial Yoga flows, this course is for you!

It looks hard, I really don't think I could teach this!

Did you know that Aerial yoga is easier than a traditional standing yoga class? The poses are so beautiful that many people think they must be so hard to get into as they have only seen the end result.

The best part to know is they are so easy! Once you learn the simple step-by-step instructions and of course practice, practice, practice, you will look, feel, be and radiate the professional Aerial yoga teacher that you are destined to be.

Don’t let fear stop you. I am here to tell you, you can do it – the hardest part is taking the first step and investing in this life changing course. It will be love at first flight

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